Biomedical Computer Science and Mechatronics

Institute of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

Research Goals

The goal of the Institute of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering is to advance the fundamental understanding of how technical and biological systems operate and to develop effective technologies for applications across a wide spectrum in biomedical engineering. The institute's research areas reflect this emphasis on integrating biomedical sciences with a quantitative, systems-oriented engineering analysis and synthesis approach.

Research areas

  • Bioelectric and biomagnetic measurement and stimulation
  • Biomedical modeling and simulation
  • Biosignal analysis, inverse problems, source analysis and optimization

In this regard, a broad range of applications is in our focus, among them:
nanomedicine, neuroscience, cardiology, otology, oncology, ophthalmology, cell electrophysiology, ...

Current Research Projects

Non-Funded Projects

  • Computational methods for biomarker discovery and verification
  • New data mining methods for classification, feature selection and clustering on biomedical data
  • NICE-Non-invasive imaging of cardiac electroyphysiology
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Biomedical senors and signal processing