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29 February 2024

Data protection workshop as part of the Lighthouse Project “Digital Health”

UMIT TIROL, VASCage, ESD – Evaluation Software Development, the Austrian Public Health Insurance (OeGK) and the Tirol Kliniken work together in the Lighthouse Project “Digital Health,” funded by the federal state of Tyrol, with the aim of recording, merging, linking, and processing relevant health data from various sources.

In the clinical Showcase related to stroke (work package 3, led by UMIT TIROL), causal analytic approaches, including machine learning methods, are applied to the linked data to validly and efficiently analyze the role of compliance with stroke medication within the stroke card program, its predictors as well as its impact on patient-relevant outcomes.

As part of this project within work package 5 (legal and ethical aspects of this data linkage), UMIT TIROL and VASCage organized a data protection workshop on the “Legal and Scientific Aspects of Data Linkage” on February 28, 2024. In total 30 participants from different disciplines and Tyrolean institutions engaged in a lively discussion on legal, organizational, and scientific challenges of data linkage and provided their expertise and possible solutions for challenges related to data linkage and protection. After a short welcome and introduction by Prof. Uwe Siebert (UMIT TIROL) and Prof. Michael Knoflach (VASCage), the first part of workshop led by Dr. Verena Stühlinger, data protection officer at UMIT TIROL, covered the aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Data Space ( and the overall privileged use of health data in research. The second part led by Prof. Holger Gothe, data linkage expert of the UMIT TIROL project team, discussed the scientific aspects of data merging and the methodological aspects and challenges of secondary data analysis. In the final part of the workshop, Prof. Uwe Siebert provided an overview on using causal inference methods and target trial emulation for the analysis of real-world data. This in-person workshop served as an important information and networking event in the rapidly growing field of data analytics in health and medicine.


5 February 2024

Assoc.-Prof. Elisabeth Nöhammer joins the Steering Committee of EUPHA’s Health Promotion Section

Assoc.-Prof. Elisabeth Nöhammer was selected as a member of the Health Promotion Section Steering Committee of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA). The EUPHA Health Promotion Section aims to promote exchange of research, training, and practice expertise in health promotion among European experts. It also aims to stimulate and support joint research projects of its members. The Section serves as a platform for the discussion of the theoretical foundations for health promotion as well as for advocating for health promotion within EUPHA and beyond and bring together researchers, policymakers and practitioners working in the same field for knowledge sharing and capacity building.



11 December 2023

UMIT TIROL scientists as new Members of the European Commission Initiative on Cervical Cancer (EC-CvC) Expert Pool

Assoc.-Prof Dr. Gaby Sroczynski, MPH, and Prof. Uwe Siebert, MPH, MSc, from the Institute of Public Health, Medical Decision Making and Health Technology Assessment at UMIT TIROL have been selected as Members of the European Commission Initiative on Cervical Cancer (EC-CvC) Expert Pool. The EC-CvC Expert Pool provides important support to the activities of the EC Initiative on Cervical Cancer. 

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11 December 2023

Our Associate Researcher Dr. Erica Suzumura, together with Prof. Dr. Heloisa Carvalho, were awarded 2nd best radiotherapy research of the XXV Brazilian Society of Radiotherapy Conference.

The research included a decision-analytic modelling study of brachytherapy for patients with cervical cancer, developed in collaboration of Universidade de São Paulo, FMUSP and UMIT TIROL, Hall in Tirol, under the supervision of Beate Jahn, Patrícia Soárez and Uwe Siebert with the contribution of Layse Gama, Geovanne Pedro Mauro, Lára Hallsson and Gaby Sroczynski.


09 October 2023

Expert workshop MeDeMSA working group

On 9 October 2023, the expert workshop of the MeDeMSA (Medical Decision Making in MSA) working group focused on the theme of 'MeDeMSA: HTA-supported medical decision making in MSA.' The event was hosted at Innsbruck University Hospital and led by Assoc.-Prof. Beate Jahn (UMIT TIROL), with the participation of national and international experts. In the project, a decision analysis will assess MSA diagnostics and treatment for both standard care and personalized best medical care, including telemedicine. The established interdisciplinary Standing-Expert Panel, comprising experts from the Universities of Innsbruck, Graz, London, UMIT TIROL, as well as Tirol Kliniken and i-HTS - International HealthTechScan, provided insights for decision analysis and the Health Technology Assessment Framework.

A follow-up workshop is planned for 2024.

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08 August 2023

UMIT TIROL scientist appointed as expert in working group reviewing European guideline on clinical evaluation of medical device

Dr. Dipl.-Biol. Petra Schnell-Inderst, MPH, from the Department of Public Health, Health Services Research and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) at UMIT TIROL – University for Health Sciences and Technology was recently appointed by the European umbrella organization of medical societies BioMed Alliance as an expert to the Task Force on Clinical Evaluation (WP22) of the Working Group on Clinical Investigation and Evaluation (CIE).

The task force is responsible for adapting the MEDDEV 2.7/1 Revision 4 guideline to the legal framework of the Medical Device Regulation, which is applied since May 2021. MEDDEV 2.7/1 is a European guideline for the preparation of clinical evaluations as part of the conformity assessment (CE marking) of medical devices. This guideline is intended to assist manufacturers and public authorities in establishing a common best practice for the clinical evaluation of medical devices. Clinical evaluation is the process of collecting, evaluating, and analyzing the clinical data available for a medical device to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support CE marking.

Dr. Petra Schnell-Inderst, who heads the Health Technology Assessment Program at UMIT TIROL , was appointed to the task force as a member of the EU Horizon 2020 project CORE-MD. Led by the European Society of Cardiology, CORE-MD brings together UMIT TIROL and 21 other medical societies, EU regulatory agencies, national public health institutes, notified bodies, universities, patient advocacy groups and health technology assessment agencies. CORE-MD will systematically review methods for the evaluation of high-risk medical devices and advise EU regulators on methods for generating evidence. The aim is to achieve an appropriate balance between innovation, safety and clinical effectiveness.


03 August 2023

UMIT TIROL doctoral candidate has been appointed as the next Chair of the ISPOR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Round Table for the Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Abeer Al Rabayah, BSc Pharm, MBA, MSc (iHTA), PMP, UMIT TIROL doctoral candidate and Head of the Center for Drug Policy and Technology Assessment (CDPTA) at King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC), has been appointed as the next Chair of the ISPOR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Round Table for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) from January 2024 to December 2026.

ISPOR - The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research, is a globally recognized scientific society with dedicated to promote health economics and outcomes research excellence to improve decision making for health globally.

As the upcoming Chair of the ISPOR HTA Round Table for the MEA region, Abeer Al Rabayah, BSc Pharm, MBA, MSc (iHTA), PMP will be instrumental in shaping the future of health technology assessment within the region and driving positive change.

We wish Abeer all the best in her upcoming leadership role.


15 May 2023

Magdalena Flatscher-Thöni was elected to the Board of Directors of the European Association of Health Law

Magdalena Flatscher-Thöni was elected to the Board of Directors of the European Association of Health Law by the General Assembly on 20.4.2023.

In recent years, Magdalena Flatscher-Thöni has been very active in the EAHL, both academically and organizationally (as the Association's National Contact Person for Austria). Further information on the Association can be found at


25 April 2023

Private University UMIT TIROL as a Meeting Place for International Scientists