Biomedical Computer Science and Mechatronics

Institute of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

IEBE Research Lab

The IEBE lab supports research activies in electrical and biomedical engineering. Research areas include electrical measurement and signal processing, biosensors and bioelectronics, biomedical modeling and simulation, and bioinformatics.

Room: G2 005


Magnetically Shielded Room (MSR): two layer mu-metal and one layer aluminum. Manufacturer: Amuneal

Optically Pumped Magnetometers (OPM): 2x pulsed OPM from Twinleaf (device name: OMG)



ATL HDI 3000: Ultrasound system, including High Definition Digital Broadband Beamformer with 256 Channels.


Multielectrode Array Workstation (Multichannelsystem):

USB-MEA60-Inv-BC-System, STG 4004 Stimulus Generator, PGA32, USB-ME64-DAQ System


Standard Cell Lab Equipment:

XDS-2 Optika Inverted Biological Microscope with CCD camera ProgRes® C5, Heraeus Incubator B 5060 EK-CO2, Labofuge 200 Centrifuge Thermo Scientific, MELAG Autoklav 17