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EU Horizon Europe CATALYSE


The CATALYSE (Climate Action To Advance HeaLthY Societies in Europe) project aims to provide new knowledge, data, and tools on: 1) the relationships between changes in environmental hazards caused by climate change, ecosystems, and human health; 2) the health co-benefits of climate action; 3) the role of health evidence in decision making; and 4) the societal implications of climate change for health systems.

This will be achieved through five specific objectives:

  1. to develop an integrated indicator framework and repository to track the status of health-relevant outcomes of climate actions
  2. to quantify the health co-benefits and full social and environmental costs and benefits resulting from mitigation measures outside of the health sector
  3. to develop innovative surveillance and forecasting tools that facilitate effective response to environmental health hazards (e.g. heat stress, allergenic pollen) caused by climate change and the design, monitoring and evaluation of interventions to mitigate climate change
  4. to investigate how stakeholders engage with evidence regarding the health impacts of climate change, and to develop strategies and tools to facilitate engagement
  5. to provide evidence and training on the most effective strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation for health systems, with specific focus on vulnerable populations including those occupationally exposed to hazards induced by climate change.


The EU Horizon Europe project CATALYSE will be conducted by a consortium of 21 organizations from 12 countries and is led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) in Barcelona, Spain.

UMIT TIROL is involved in several Work Packages (WP) and has the Lead in two WP Tasks of the WP 5 “Adaptation and Mitigation in Health Systems. The first WP Task led by UMIT TIROL is on the “Evaluation of Economic Implications of Adaptation in the Health Sector” including the evaluation of cost-effectiveness of selected climate change adaptation strategies to protect workers from heat related illness. These results will provide evidence to inform decision makers responsible for budgetary and resource deployment (e.g., health ministries, sickness funds, private sector). The second WP Task led by UMIT TIROL is the development of “Training Materials Tailored for Healthcare and Health System Professionals” to support climate change adaptation and mitigation.

CATALYSE is a Horizon Research and Innovation Action and has received funding from the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Program under the Grant Agreement number: : 101057131.


Total Project Budget: 10.3 Mio. EUR, UMIT TIROL share: 680,000 EUR

Duration: 01/09/2022 – 31/08/2027