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Institute of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

Here you find an overview of the scientific publications of the institute. The report period (academic year) begins on October, 1st and ends on Sepember, 30th next year:

Publications 2019/20

Journal Papers

  • Jaufenthaler, A.; Schultze, V.; Scholtes, T; Schmidt, C.B.; Handler, M.; Stolz, R.; Baumgarten, D.; OPM magnetorelaxometry in the presence of a DC bias field. Special issue on Quantum Magnetometers; EPJ Quantum Technology 7, 12 (2020).​
  • Schweitzer, M., Huber, L., Gorfer, T., Hörbst, A. (2020). Experiences With Developing and Using Vital Sign Telemonitoring to Support Mobile Nursing in Rural Regions: Feasibility and Usability Study. JMIR Nursing, 3(1):e17113.
  • Schier, P., Liebl, M., Steinhoff, U., Handler, M., Wiekhorst, F., & Baumgarten, D. (2020). Optimizing Excitation Coil Currents for Advanced Magnetorelaxometry Imaging. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 62:238-252.
  • Heinemann, D., Dutz, S., Knabner, S., Haueisen, J. & Baumgarten, D. (2020). Camera calibration and orientation for PCB jet printing inspection. SN Applied Sciences, 2:322. 
  • Jaufenthaler, A., Schier, P., Middelmann, T., Liebl, M., Wiekhorst, F. & Baumgarten, D. (2020). Quantitative 2D Magnetorelaxometry Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticles using Optically Pumped Magnetometers. Sensors, 20, 753.
  • Schier, P., Barton, C., Spassov, S., Johansson, C., Baumgarten, D., Kazakova, O., ... & Steinhoff, U. (2020). European research on magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications: standardisation aspects. Current Trends in Biomedical Engineering and Bioimages Analysis, 316-326.
  • Holz, O., DeLuca, D.S., Roepcke, S., Illig, T., Weinberger, K.M., Schudt, C. & Hohlfeld, J.M. (2020). Smokers with COPD Show a Shift in Energy and Nitrogen Metabolism at Rest and During Exercise. International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 15:1-13.
  • Vorwerk, J., Brock, A.A., Anderson, D.N., Rolston, J.D., & Butson, C.R. (2019). A retrospective evaluation of automated optimization of deep brain stimulation parameters. Journal of Neural Engineering, 16(6):064002.
  • Duffley, G., Anderson, D.A., Vorwerk, J., Dorval, A.D. & Butson, C.R. (2019). Evaluation of methodologies for computing the deep brain stimulation volume of tissue activated. Journal of Neural Engineering, 16(6):066024.
  • Vorwerk, J., Hanrathd, A., Wolters, C.H. & Grasedyck, L. (2019). The multipole approach for EEG forward modeling using the finite element method. NeuroImage, 201:116039.
  • Fischer, G., Handler, M., Johnston, P., Baumgarten, D. (2019). Impedance and Conductivity of Bovine Myocardium during Freezing and Thawing at Slow Rates – Implications for Cardiac Cryo-Ablation. Medical Engineering & Physics, 74:89–98.


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