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"Join in. Marvel. Discover." Experiencing the magic of science was the motto of the Long Night of Research at UMIT TIROL 

The RECETAS research project (Re-imagining Environments for Connection and Engagement: Testing Actions for Social Prescribing in Natural Spaces) was presented at an interactive stand.

As part of RECETAS, scientists from 13 institutions in nine countries want to provide answers to the question of whether lonely people benefit from the prescription of group activities in nature by appropriately trained health professionals. A poster about RECETAS was displayed to discuss with visitors the aim of the project, whether social prescribing of nature-based group activities can reduce feelings of loneliness and improve health and quality of life.

A photo exhibition including statements from the project participants in Australia, Ecuador, France, Finland, Spain and the Czech Republic as well as RECETAS information videos on nature-based social prescribing were presented. This station enabled visitors to gain insights into the design and implementation of the group activities as well as the experiences of the participants targeted with the project.

In addition, the RECETAS flyer was distributed to encourage reflection on loneliness and nature-based social prescribing and to raise public awareness of these issues. 


Private University UMIT TIROL as a Meeting Place for International Scientists

Scientists from nine countries exchange ideas on the EU Horizon 2020 project RECETAS at network meeting

On April 24 and 25, the annual meeting of the project partners of the EU Horizon 2020 project RECETAS will take place at the campus of the Tyrolean private university UMIT TIROL. During the network days in Hall in Tirol, a total of 30 scientists from Spain, Australia, France, USA, Ecuador, Finland, the Czech Republic and Austria will exchange information about the development of the RECETAS research project. The progress within the research teams will be discussed, the work packages will be analyzed regarding interviews, surveys, scientific output and, among other things, external communication measures will be discussed.

In the RECETAS project (Re-imagining Environments for Connection and Engagement: Testing Actions for Social Prescribing in Natural Spaces), which will run for five years, researchers from 13 organizations in nine countries aim to provide answers to the question of whether prescribing social activities in natural spaces can reduce feelings of loneliness and improve the quality of life in urban areas. In this context, "social prescribing" refers to interventions in which health professionals work with people, who feel lonely, to identify activities that can improve health and quality of life.

As part of RECETAS, the health sciences university UMIT TIROL was commissioned with a work package in the areas of data science, causality research and modeling of public health measures due to its international reputation and expertise. "As a health sciences university, we are making an important contribution to the relatively new field of interventions that take place in nature and are organized by the health sector. We as UMIT TIROL will assess the long-term effects of various nature-based social activities on the endpoints of loneliness and quality of life and shed light on the health economic component," commented the scientific leader of the work package Dr. Sibylle Puntscher from the Department of Public Health at the UMIT TIROL.

The head of the Department of Public Health, Health Services Research and Health Technology Assessment at UMIT TIROL, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Uwe Siebert, adds "I am pleased that our Public Health Institute can contribute its scientific expertise in health data and decision science and modeling to RECETAS. Especially for Tyrol with its unique nature and economic potential, this innovative project offers important perspectives in nature-based and social health care."

The rector of the private university UMIT TIROL, Prof. Dr. Sandra Ückert, is pleased that the expertise of the Tyrolean health university is being drawn upon within the framework of this major EU project and that the annual meeting is taking place on the campus of UMIT TIROL. "It is particularly exciting that RECETAS expands the perspective of health care to include social interaction and the connection to nature, which is an important aspect especially in and for Tyrol ", says the rector.