Biomedical Computer Science and Mechatronics

Publications 2020/2021

Journal Papers

  • Jaufenthaler A, Kornack T, Lebedev V, Limes ME, Körber R, Liebl M, Baumgarten D. (2021). Pulsed Optically Pumped Magnetometers: Addressing Dead Time and Bandwidth for the Unshielded Magnetorelaxometry of Magnetic Nanoparticles. Sensors, 21(4):1212.
  • Gonella, V. C., Hanser, F., Vorwerk, J., Odenbach, S., & Baumgarten, D. (2020). Influence of local particle concentration gradient forces on the flow-mediated mass transport in a numerical model of magnetic drug targeting. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 167490.
  • Hackl, W., Hörbst, A. Clinical Information Systems Research in the Pandemic Year 2020. Yearbook of medical informatics. 2021; 30 (1):134-140.
  • Schrader, S., Westhoff, A., Piastra, M. C., Miinalainen, T., Pursiainen, S., Vorwerk, J., Brinck, H., Wolters, C. H., Engwer, C. DUNEuro - A software toolbox for forward modeling in bioelectromagnetism. PloS one. 2021; 16 (6):e0252431.
  • Piastra, M. C., Nüßing, A., Vorwerk, J., Clerc, M., Engwer, C., Wolters, C. H. A comprehensive study on electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography sensitivity to cortical and subcortical sources. Human Brain Mapping. 2021; 42 (4):978-992.
  • Dünnwald, T., Kienast, R., Niederseer, D., Burtscher, M. The use of pulse oximetry in the assessment of acclimatization to high altitude. Sensors (Switzerland). 2021; 21 (4):1-20.
  • Wolters, C. H., Antonakakis, M., Khan, A., Piastra, M. C., Vorwerk, J. Characterization of the Somatosensory System. In: Groppa,Sergiu, Meuth,Sven G. Translational Methods for Multiple Sclerosis Research. New York: Springer; 2021: 153-169.
  • Netzer, M., Hanser, F., Ledochowski, M., Baumgarten, D. Unsupervised Learning for Hydrogen Breath Tests. In: Hayn, D., Schreier, G., Baumgartner, M. dHealth 2021 - Navigating Healthcare Through Challenging Times. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 279. Amsterdam: IOS Press; 2021: 54-61.


Conference contributions

  • Schier, P., Liebl, M., Steinhoff, U., Wiekhorst, F., Baumgarten, D. Improved Magnetorelaxometry Imaging with Optimized Coil Configurations. Vortrag. OIPE 2021 - 16th International Workshop on Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism, Szczecin, Poland; 2021.
  • Handler, M.D'Alessandro, S., Saba, R., Baumgarten, D. Simulation of Vestibular Implant Stimulation in Human Inner Ear Anatomy with Registered Synthetic Cochlear Structure. Vortrag. Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society for Biomedical Engineering (ÖGBMT), Graz, Austria; 2021.
  • Jaufenthaler, A.Schier, P., Middelmann, T., Liebl, M., Eberbeck, D., Baumgarten, D. Quantitative 2D magnetorelaxometry imaging of magnetic nanoparticles using optically pumped magnetometers. Poster. IEEE Advances in Magnetics 2020, online; 2021.
  • Gonella, V.Baumgarten, D. Investigation of influences on vessel constriction in magnetic drug targeting using a numerical model of a branched vessel. Vortrag. IEEE Advances in Magnetics 2020, online; 2021.
  • Baumgarten, D., Liebl, M., Schier, P.Jaufenthaler, A., Steinhoff, U., Wiekhorst, F. Quantitative Magnetorelaxometry Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Monitoring Human Cancer Therapies. Vortrag. 65th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, online; 2020.
  • Jaufenthaler, A.Baumgarten, D. Magnetorelaxometry using Twinleaf’s OMG. Vortrag. Workshop on Optically Pumped Magnetometers, online; 2020.