Biomedical Computer Science and Mechatronics

Institute of Medical Informatics


Please befind below an overview on our research topics. A complete list of our research projects is availble here.

Evidence-based Health Informatics

Development and assessment of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods for health information systems and health information technology (health IT). Development of guidelines and standards for the evaluation of health IT on a European level. Conduction of systematic reviews and meta-analysis on the impact on health IT. Development of an inventory of health IT evaluation studies. Conduction of health IT evaluation studies.

Health IT for Medication Safety

Contribution of health IT to medication safety. Development of concepts for CPOE systems with focus on reducing alert fatigue by contextualisation. Evaluation of the impact of CPOE systems in clinical settings (lab, simulation and field studies). Detection and prevention of Adverse Drug Events. Validation of the knowledge base of CPOE systems.

Clinical Data Analysis and Data Warehousing

Development and implementation of concepts leveraging reuse of personal health and routine care data for process, quality, knowledge and risk management, medical and care path management, cost control, efficiency and impact analysis. Development and monitoring of guidelines and standards. Design and construction of integrated clinical and health data repositories. Development, testing and evaluation of novel analysis approaches and techniques.

Systematic IT management

Strategic IT management for health care institutions, with focus on IT strategy planning and IT service management in health care. Quality criteria and key performance indicators for hospital information systems. Management of IT projects in health care. Systems analysis and system assessment of clinical processes.