Profile of the doctoral program

Academic degree

Dr. phil. or Dr. techn.

Entry criteria

Prerequisite is a bachelor's and master's, or master's degree, or diploma from a recognized university or college, obtained in Germany or abroad. Details are regulated by the doctoral regulations.

ECTS and Language
180 ECTS Credits.The doctoral thesis can be written in German or English. The curriculum offers German and (to a smaller percentage) English courses.
Forms for application
You can find all needed forms and documents for application in Englisch at the website of the Study Management.
Individual duration, typically 3 - 5 years
Target group and qualification goal

Qualified and motivated students who are looking for a scientific deepening of an already completed university degree.

The qualification goal is to enable our doctoral students to carry out independent scientific research in their respective fields.

Qualification profile

A doctorate is proof of the ability to carry out in-depth independent scientific work. Graduates have the competence to independently design and carry out a research project on a scientifically relevant problem with scientific integrity and to critically reflect on the results.

Graduates have a systematic understanding of their research discipline and the state of research, they can select, apply and critically reflect on suitable methods, and they have the ability to communicate and publish research results in a manner appropriate to the target group.

By submitting an original doctoral thesis, graduates make an independent contribution to research and expand the boundaries of knowledge.

Tution fees

The doctorate is subject to a fee. The tuition fees amount to 3,900 euros per semester in the academic year 2020/21. Information on tuition fees can be found here.

UMIT TIROL does not offer scholarships for attending a doctoral program.