Psychology and Sports Medicine


Social- and Personality Psychology



Clinical and Health Psychology

(Stefan Duschek, Amelie Janka, Laura Fischer, Alexandra Hoffmann)

Biological and psycho-social foundations of chronic pain, Cardiovascular regulation and psychological processes; Stress and stress management in crisis management; Quality of life in chronic diseases; Bodily perception and behavior

Learning and learning disorders
(Silvia Pixner, Verena Dresen)

Dyscalculia, interventions for dyscalculia and mathematical problem interventions, typical and atypical number processing in children and adults, cognitive processes and strategies in calculation, development of number processing and cardinality, language influence of number processing and calculation, story problems in arithmetic

Cognition and Action
(Martina Rieger, Stephan Dahm, Victoria Bart)

Embodiment, cognitive processes in motor expertise (playing a musical instrument, skilled typing, and sports), action-effect transformations (as in tool use), motor imagery, action observation, cognitive processes in aging, sleep and cognition, neuropsychology of action inhibition and error processing.

Work, Organizational and Business Psychology
(Claudia Schusterschitz, Robert Schorn)

Attachment at Work: job attitudes (e.g. Commitment, job satisfaction), workplace relationships (e.g. supervisor relationships, coworker relationships), work experiences (e.g. emotions at work), workplace behaviors (extra-role behaviors, counterproductive work behaviors); Voluntary Engagement: Commitment and extra-role behavior, motives, motive fulfillment and role identity as predictors of volunteers’ commitment and extra-role behaviors; Consumer Psychology: Nonconscious effects in consumers’ thinking, feeling, and behavior; Potentials, risks, and prevention of manipulation; Consumerism

Statistics and Psychometrics
(Clemens Draxler, Can Gürer)

Generalized linear models: Estimation, properties of estimators, statistical tests, power and sample size; Theory and applications of psychometric models: Item response theory, Rasch model, penalized estimation, applications in psychology, education, and economics.