Public Health, Health Services Research and HTA

Academic Programs and Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Economy, Health and Sports Tourism

Location: Landeck

  • Module: Public Health and Epidemiology (4 ECTS-Credits)


Master of Public Health

Location: Hall in Tirol

  • Module 1: Basics in Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Module 4: Social and Economic Determinants of Public Health
  • Module 8: Biostatistics II
  • Module 12:Research skills and scientific working
  • Module 17: Advanced Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis (Englisch)


Magister in Health Sciences

Location: Hall in Tirol

  • ·   Modul G (G1+G2): Public Health


Master of Science in Medical Informatics

  • Modul 3: Health Data Science, klinische Entscheidungsfindung und maschinelle Lernverfahren


Doctoral Studies Public Health (Dr. phil.)

  • Quantitative Methods I – Quantitative methods and selection (German and Englisch)
  • Quantitative Methods II – Statistical Basis (Englisch)
  • Quantitative Methods IV – Linear and Logistic Regression (German and Englisch)


Please note that these bachelor's and master's programs are currently only offered in German.
The Doctoral Program in Public Health and the Doctoral Program in Health Technology Assessment are offered in German or English.