Psychology and Sports Medicine

Research Unit. Sportmedizin

Research Unit. für Sportmedizin des Bewegungsapparates u. Verletzungsprävention

The Research Unit for Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention is broadly engaged in topics related to the health of the locomotor system. Specifically, our work focuses on:

  • Osteoarthritis of large joints
  • Injuries and overuse syndromes of large joints
  • Muscles and tendons

In all our fields of work we strive to better understand the pathogenesis of injuries or other defects concerning the locomotor system, develop and evaluate measures of primary and secondary prevention, and design and optimize both conservative (e.g., physical training interventions) and surgical treatment approaches. We are particularly interested in sports injuries in childhood and adolescence as well as age-related changes affecting the locomotor system (e.g., sarcopenia, osteoarthritis).