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  • The intramuscular connective tissue and its significance for the loss of muscle function in older age

  • The Runner's Knee: In search of causes and therapy

  • The Anterior Cruciate Ligament: Development of a method to assess its mechanical properties in humans

  • Meniscus tear: How efficient can they be treated by meniscus suture?

  • Sports Integrity - Development and implementation of a Sports Integrity Seminar with the International Ski Federation (FIS)

  • Evaluation of current anti-doping measures of the two winter sports federations IBU and FIS

  • Doping in disabled sport: perceptions, knowledge, willingness and reasons

  • I-VALUE: Sports values in every classroom 

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the "Anti-Doping School Programme for Junior Sports Models and Competitive Sports Schools" as a preventive measure in junior sports

  • Do Anti-Doping interventions work? A comparative intervention mapping of Anti-Doping programmes in Austria, Russia, South Africa and the UK

  • Life after Doping: Impacts of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation on the biopsychosocial health of athletes

  • Doping Prevention Monitoring Program (DPMP): Development, implementation and evaluation of an instrument for monitoring doping prevention programmes and their influence on factors of doping behaviour at micro and macro level

  • Doping sanctions in sport: knowledge and perception of appropriateness by athletes and their coaches

  • World Mountain & Trail Running Championships 2023: Influence of long distance runs in extreme environments on thermoregulation, cardiac response and blood hemostasis profiles

  • Performance and metabolic changes in climbing after ischaemic preconditioning

  • Thermoregulatory changes during intense athletic exertion in cold environmental conditions

  • Influence of hyperoxic preconditioning on performance in acute hypoxia

  • "Digital Detox": The digital break as a health tourism product

  • COVENT: Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on aspects of the organisation of sporting events in Tyrol

  • Leisure Sickness: The phenomenon of getting sick during leisure time and holidays