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EU Horizon Europe 4D PICTURE


The 4D PICTURE (Design-based Data-Driven Decision-support Tools: Producing Improved Cancer Outcomes Through User-Centred Research) project aims to improve decision aids that support cancer patients in making complex treatment choices. Existing decision aids rarely take into account quality of life or individual preferences, and their use in clinical practice remains limited. The mission of this project is for individualized medicine to become truly person-centered.

To achieve this goal, a multidisciplinary team from eight countries will develop decision aids and conversation guides for patients with breast cancer, prostate cancer or melanoma. The team wants to better predict treatment outcomes by developing innovative algorithms and integrating patients' experiences, values and preferences with artificial intelligence-based models.

The EU Horizon Europe project 4D PICTURE will be conducted by a consortium of 16 organizations from 8 countries and is coordinated by the Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC) in Rotterdam, Netherlands. UMIT TIROL leads the work package on the evaluation of MetroMapping, aiming to empirically evaluate the short- and long-term costs and effects of applying MetroMapping using decision analytic modelling.

4D PICTURE is a Horizon Research and Innovation Action and has received funding from the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Program under the Grant Agreement number: 101057332.


Overall Budget: 9,033,750 EUR

Duration: 01/10/2022 – 30/09/2027