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Nursing and Aging - A Responsibility of Society as a Whole

For the Department of Nursing Science and Gerontology, research is as a multidisciplinary, inter-, and transprofessional task. In intra- and inter-university collaboration, nursing research is carried out on a systemic, institutional, and individual level, using the principles of fundamental and applied research, and prepared for decision-makers and the public.

our areas of research

  • Fundamental and applied research in nursing (use of standardized methods and statistics, qualitative methods, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, assessment instruments, wound, pain, & symptom management, care of acute and chronic conditions, effectiveness and efficiency of nursing and health care interventions)
  • Advanced Practice (Community Health Nursing, Integrated Care research, disease-related, population-based, and individual strategies, Palliative Care, ageing and digitalization)
  • Nursing and health education (Education and educational research in the health care system)
  • Nursing and health care management (management in and of nursing and care organizations, quality of care)