Psychologie und Sportmedizin

Beeinträchtigungen kognitiver Funktionen bei chronischer Hypotonie


Chronically low blood pressure (hypotension) is accompanied by substantial impairment in basic cognitive functioning, particularly pertaining to attention. Aside from this, however, knowledge of possible impairment in higher cognitive function such as planning and problem solving (executive function) remains scarce. Our previous research pointed toward involvement of deficits in cerebral blood flow regulation and alterations in central nervous system mediated cardiovascular control in the genesis of cognitive impairment. Because subjective complaints and psychophysiological aberrances overlap with respect to hypotension and affective disorders, individuals with chronic hypotension and depression would be investigated in the proposed project. The project would aim to determine the magnitude of executive function impairments in both groups, and further to explore whether the expected deficits are caused by aberrant cerebral blood flow regulation and central nervous cardiovascular control.