Public Health, Health Services Research and HTA



The Research Unit Quality and Ethics in Health Care represents the topic of quality management and related questions of ethics in teaching and research on a high scientific level. In particular, ethical concerns in patient care and management and the introduction of ethical decision-making forums are considered (ethics committees, ethical film reviews, ethical decision-making models in management). With regard to quality management, quality concepts from different fields (health, education, upbringing...) are related to each other in order to promote mutual development.


Further research and work priorities focuse on the questions of how the pastoral and spiritual accompaniment of the entrusted people and their relatives in health care can be ensured in the future and how the identity and mission of charitable and diaconal enterprises can be implemented in everyday business. Beyond the teaching of theoretical principles, a high level of practical relevance is guaranteed throughout.


The knowledge and experience of the Research Unit are made available to institutions in an application-oriented manner. A well-founded education provides students with the fundamentals of comprehensive quality concepts in the field of healthcare and qualifies them to apply current quality concepts in healthcare facilities. In this way, students are optimally prepared for their professional future in various areas of the healthcare sector.