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Causal Inference for Assessing Effectiveness in Real World Data and Clinical Trials: A Practical Hands-on Workshop

5-Day Certified University Course

19 - 23 May 2025


Course Flyer:
Causal Inference for Assessing Effectiveness in Real World Data and Clinical Trials
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The course runs over 5 days and combines lectures on theoretical concepts, discussions, case study exercises, interactive group work and hands-on computer sessions. Practical applications using real world case examples address health interventions from different health technologies and different disease areas. On day 3, participants have an extended break during the afternoon to review course materials, use office hours for questions or consulting for their own research work, catch up on emails, or energize themselves while relaxing. They reconvene on Thursday morning for the next session.
The course will be an online synchronous course (Austrian time zone) scheduled from 9am to 5pm. The course will not be recorded.

The course is aimed at members of:

  • Healthcare & health policy organizations, national HTA agencies
  • Regulatory agencies (EMA, FDA, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical & medical device industry
  • Academia and research institutions
  • Health insurances/sickness funds
  • Consultancy organizations

Course Pre-requisites:

This is an introductory course. A pre-requisite is basic knowledge of biostatistics and familiarity with the software packages Stata and R or the willingness to learn. Course language is English. Computer examples will be programmed in Stata and R.


  • Introduction to Causal Inference
  • Overview of the problem (causality), causal effects of point actions and time-varying actions, directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), exercises
  • Optional: Stata Tutorial
  • Overview on causal study designs, different causal methods
  • Overview on treatment switching adjustment methods 1: naïve methods, software exercises
  • Overview on treatment switching adjustment methods 2: Inverse probability (of censoring) weighting (IPW) with marginal structural models (MSM), software exercises
  • Adjustment methods 3: Two-stage adjustment, software exercises
  • Overview on treatment switching adjustment methods 4: g-estimation with rank-preserving structural failure time models (RPSFTM), software exercises
  • Recommendations on appropriate methods
  • Optional: Course Examination

In addition, Teaching Assistants will be available for software programming exercises



Certificates will be provided to all participants after the course. For those who are interested in a graded course performance record, we are offering a course examination subsequent to the Causal Inference Workshop. The exam is designed to evaluate the understanding of the basic concepts in causal inference and is administered on the last day of the course. The exam is a closed-book test mainly consisting of multiple-choice answers, short calculations or open text questions, which are drawn from the major topic areas of the course. Further information regarding the examination and enrollment will be provided after registration.


There are a number of hotels near the campus. Reservations should be made when you receive your registration and payment confirmation. We have made special arrangements with hotels near the course location. After registration, you will receive more details regarding accommodation via e-mail.

Cancellation Terms

From the date of receipt of the written letter of admission, 25% of the participation fee will be charged as cancellation
fee. In case of a cancellation up to two weeks prior to the start of the program, a cancellation fee equal to 50% of
the participation fee shall be due. Upon commencement of the program, the participation fee shall be paid in full. A
possible right of withdrawal as provided for in Pt. 4. shall not be affected thereby. In the case of non-attendance at
the beginning of the respective program, the full participation fee is still due. A substitute participant, who must be
nominated to UMIT TIROL by the original participant, can be accepted without additional costs provided that he/she
fulfills the registration requirements to be examined by UMIT TIROL in accordance with Pt. 3.
Cancellations of applications shall only be effective if they are sent in writing (per post or e-mail – (to the competent
office mentioned in the offer/ application form)); timely receipt of the cancellation request by the competent office is