Public Health, Health Services Research and HTA


Key Research Areas

The main goal of our research is to develop and apply scientific methods for

1) epidemiological research on chronic diseases and its complicationsand 

2) estimating benefits and harms of both opportunistic and organized screening programs.

Our emphasis is on health services research questions focussing on the population of Tyrol and/or the health system of Tyrol as well as on national and international research questions.

Our current substance matter focus is on diabetes, other chronic disorders and cancer.

Research questions of the Research Unit cover survival studies in oncology, assessments of benefits and harms on screening programs in oncology and especially overdiagnosis caused by screening programs. In addition, we plan to investigate late complications of patients with diabetes mellitus, and care of patients with diabetes mellitus in general, which should contribute to an improved care of patients with diabetes mellitus , reduce risk factors and complications and thus improve quality of life of patients with diabetes mellitus .