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Social- and Personality Psychology Working Group

Division for Social- and Personality Psychology

Current Research Projects
  • how do people perceive risks? in which types of cognitive biases could that result and why? 
  • which factors are influencing the human behavior in those situations?
  • to which extent, concerning training strategies,is it possible to improve well-balanced and well-considered decisions in risky situations?
  • topics we are doing research on in our risk laboratory.
  • how does (in-)justice affect the behavior of employees in organisations (e.g. innovative behavior)?
  • which psychologic mechanisms are mediating these effects?
  • how do people come to judgements concerning justice?

risk laboratory

Research Assistant
Univ.-Ass. Mag. rer. nat. Johannes Arendt

Univ.-Ass. Moritz Bielefeld, MSc.


Erik Guy Eller, M.Sc.
Paulina-Sophie Schumacher
David Schwab



Publication list

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