Public Health, Health Services Research and HTA

Oncotyrol Area 4

Health Technology Assessment & Bioinformatics
Area Coordinator:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Uwe Siebert, MPH, MSc
Professor of Public Health (UMIT)
Adjunct Prof. of Health Policy and Management (Harvard Univ.)     
Tel.: +43 (0)50  8648-3930
Fax: +43 (0)50  8648-673931

In order to assess actual health benefits, risk, and cost-effectiveness of personalized cancer strategies, Area 4 combines the tools of public health, epidemiology, mathematical decision modeling, economic evaluation, heath technology assessment (HTA), and health informatics.

Area 4 provides a comprehensive methodological framework for the early assessment of emerging health technologies and personalized strategies in cancer.

HTA in early stages of the technology is naturally based on evidence for surrogate markers, which is surrounded with substantial uncertainty. Therefore, disease-specific decision-analytic models will be developed and used to guide early decisions on the development of targeted interventions and further research strategies. An eHealth interface combines, integrates and exchanges data within ONCOTYROL and provides support to health care decision makers.

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