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Austrian Network for Evidence Based Medicine

1st Annual Meeting, 19 – 20th April 2012
Hall in Tirol

Successful 1st Annual Meeting held in Tirol

The 1st Annual Meeting of the Austrian Network for Evidence Based Medicine - a non-profit organisation for the advancement of health care - was held at UMIT – University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology in Hall in Tyrol/Austria from April 19-20th, 2012.

EbM 1. Jahrestagung

Health professionals, research experts and administrative staff, journalists and Public Health decision makers engaged in hands-on workshops and lectures, designed to strengthen the implementation of EbM-principles in clinical routines, research projects and political health care issues.
The pre-conference workshops focused on the important role of evidence-based information in medical and health care decision making in hospitals and doctor’s offices. The lectures of top-class speakers covered the multi-disciplinary fields of evidence-based medicine. For more information visit or visit the event website here (available only in German).

Flyer of the 1st Annual Meeting of the Austrian Network for Evidence Based Medicine

What is

EbM Network provides an interdisciplinary communication platform for the basic principles of EbM that aims to promote co-ordination between medical research and clinical care. One of its central tasks is to encourage projects that are concerned with scientific and methodological problems, aspects of professional development and the question of how to translate EbM into clinical practice.

The network objectives are...:
  • to coordinate and facilitate activities relating to evidence-based medicine or evidence-based health care in the German speaking area
  • to further develop and apply the principles, concepts and techniques of Evidence-based Medicine
  • to conduct annual scientific meetings and events
  • to offer ‘Train-the-Trainer‘ courses on the application of evidence-based medicine
  • to advance professional development in the field of EbM
  • to conduct teaching conferences and workshops