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What is the Continuing Education Program on Health Technology Assessment & Decision Sciences (HTADS)?

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has been defined by the International Network of Agencies for HTA (INAHTA) as "a multidisciplinary field of policy analysis, studying the medical, economic, social, and ethical implications of development, diffusion and use of health technologies (e.g., drugs, devices, surgical procedures, prevention techniques)".

In conducting HTA, the discipline of decision sciences has become increasingly relevant. Decision Sciences (DS) is the application of explicit and quantitative methods to analyze decisions under conditions of uncertainty (e.g., meta-analysis, decision-analytic modeling, cost-effectiveness analysis).

In recent years, HTA and DS have become very important to health care policymakers.
In order to keep pace with these developments, the UMIT TIROL - HTADS Program was designed to provide excellent quality education and comprehensive training in the key issues of HTA and DS for anyone involved in the health sector.


Doctoral Program  / HTADS Certificate Courses


Doctoral Program Health Technology Assessment


Certificate Courses

M1: 5-Day Certified University Course
Autumn School in Clinical Epidemiology ONLINE

2022 - tbd.

M2: 4-Day Certified University Course
Introduction to Health Technology Assessment

2022 - tbd.

M3: 3-Day Certified University Course
Modeling Approaches for HTA: A Practical Hands-on Workshop

2022 - tbd.

M4: 5-Day Certified University Course
Causal Inference for Assessing Effectiveness in Real World Data and Health Technology Assessment: A Practical Hands-on Workshop - ONLINE

31 January - 04 February 2022

M5: 3-Day Certified University Course
Scientific Reporting and Writing - ONLINE

15 - 17 November 2021

M6: 3-Day Certified University Course
Introduction to Statistics - An Applied 3-Day Hands-On Workshop with R

2022 - tbd.

Certificate Courses in Statistics and Epidemiology


M7: 3-Day Certified University Course
Advanced Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis  ONLINE

07 - 09 April 2022
M8: 3-Day Certified University Course
NEW: Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis - ONLINE
09 - 11 December 2021
M9: 3-Day Certified University Course
NEW: Introduction to Health Economics and HTA - ONLINE
02, 03 + 08 November 2021
Certificate Courses in Statistics and Epidemiology 2020/21

In case of international travel restrictions, the courses will be organized as synchronous online courses.

Comments of participants of our previous courses:

'The 4-day course helped me to better understand the framework for HTA, and put the bits and pieces together. The course was dynamic, and assuming that people have some basic previous knowledge, it provides with the maximum effect. We were wondering that the participants were still smiling after 12 hours of work - quite uncommon for any training course.'

Mikk Jurisson, MD
Merck Sharp & Dome, Managing Director Baltics