Public Health, Health Services Research and HTA


Continuing Education Program on Health Technology Assessment and Decision Science (HTADS)

The international Continuing Education Program on HTADS is designed to provide excellent quality education and comprehensive training in the key issues of Health Technology Assessment and Decision Science for anyone involved in the health sector. Currently the HTADS Continuing Education Program comprises a Doctoral Program in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and currently five certified courses:

  • M1 - Winter School in Clinical Epidemiology
  • M2 - Introduction to Health Technology Assessment
  • M3 - Modeling Approaches for HTA: A Practical Hands-on Workshop
  • M4 - Causal Inference in Observational Studies and Clinical Trials Affected by Treatment Switching: A Practical hands-on Workshop
  • M5 – Scientific Reporting and Writing

For further information about the content of each program and on specific dates, please visit our HTADS website:

Doctoral Program (Dr. phil.) in Public Health (Teaching language optional: German or English)

Doctoral Program (Dr. phil.) in Health Technology Assessment  (Teaching language optional: German or English)

Location: Hall in Tirol

  • Several Basic, Advanced and Focus Modules.
Magister-Program (Master) Health Sciences

Location: Hall in Tirol

·         Module G (G1 & G2): Public Health (15 ECTS-Credits)

·         Module B: Strategic Management (6 ECTS-Credits)

·         Module I: Empirical Health Research (9 ECTS-Credits)

·         Module C: Behavioral Sciences and Communication (7 ECTS-Credits)

·         Module D: Medical and Public Health Law (9 ECTS-Credits)

·         Module J: Master Thesis and Defense (30 ECTS-Credits)

Master-Program Nursing Sciences 

Location: Hall in Tirol

·         Module H2: Quantitative Methods (8 ECTS-Credits)

·         Module I: Public Health Nursing (5 ECTS-Credits)

Bachelor-Program Economy, Health and Sports Tourism

Location: Landeck

·         Module: Public Health and Epidemiology (4 ECTS-Credits)

Bachelor-Program Health-Care Management

·         Module Skills: Statistcs (4 ECTS-Credits)

Master-Program Mechatronics

Location: Hall in Tirol

·         Module: Biostatistics (2.5 ECTS-Credits)

University Course Health Information Management (English)

·       Module D: Clinical Decision-Making and Organization in Healthcare (6 ECTS-Credits)


Please note that these Bachelor and Master programs are currently offered in German language only.
The Doctoral Program in Public Health and the Doctoral Program in Health Technology Assessment are offered in German or English.