Public Health, Versorgungsforschung und HTA

Research Seminar Series

The Department of Public Health and HTA hosts a Research Seminar Series in Public Health & Evidence-Based Healthcare for scientists from UMIT TIROL and other research institutions.

Topics usually come from the fields of public health, and can include prevention, evidence-based healthcare, epidemiology, health policy, health law, ethics in healthcare, health economics, health technology assessment, and decision science.

The seminars serve as a platform for interactive scientific exchange and enable our team to broaden their knowledge, and keep up to date with the latest developments in the fields of public health.

In most cases, the audience is comprised of team-members of the Department for Public-Health and HTA. However, other UMIT TIROL institutes or external experts may also be invited.

We distinguish two types of seminars according to their dimensions:

  • Lectures
    Lectures represent an interactive seminar of approximately 1 ½ hours.  Following the presentation, we usually have very vivid and constructive discussions regarding the topic presented. These lectures are held approximately once every two months.
  • Tutorials
    Tutorials cover topics in greater depth and may resemble in-service training. Tutorials may be designed as half- or one-day courses. However, no certification is disseminated to attendees for attending the tutorials

If you’re interested in further details, please contact:

Elisabeth Havasi
Research Seminar Coordinator
Tel.: +43 50 8648-3930