Nursing Science and Gerontology

Research at the Institute of Gerontology & Demographic Development

The research activities of the scientific employees at the Institute for Gerontology & Demographic Development which are conducted in cooperation with other organizational divisions of the Department and/or the Tyrolean Private University UMIT, as well as external (non-)university partners, can be summarized in the following key issues:

  • Demographic Development,
  • Socio-Gerontological Research Approaches,
  • Cultural-Gerontological Research Approaches,
  • Economic- and Financial-Gerontological Research Approaches,
  • Mobility – Prevention – Aging.

The social and health system needs gerontologists who are familiar with the needs and special situations of aging people in order to be able to respond needs-oriented and adequately to the requirements of the future’s largest population group. In order to justify these claims, the Institute pursues the following objectives:

  • Improvement of the quality of life of elderly people.
  • Promotion of junior scientists in the field of Gerontology.
  • Provision of practice-oriented gerontological knowledge at tertiary level.
  • Research activities on gerontological problems, both out of self-interest as well as on behalf of economy and society.