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Institute of Gerontology & Demographic Development

The Institute of Gerontology and Demographic Development addresses aging and the aging process on the one hand and, on the other hand, it deals with the effects of society's aging process from a social, cultural and particularly economic point of view. One of the major concerns of the researchers of this Institute is to understand demographic development as an opportunity and to advise and support commercial and social enterprises.

The study of age and the aging of people

The Institute considers itself as a partner to economy, as demographic development holds great potential which needs to be exploited: for the possibilities of the individual, for the development of enterprises and work environments as well as for ensuring society's sustainability. Gerontology is the study of aging and the age of people. Dealing with longevity gains more and more importance.

Key discipline of the 21st century

Gerontology has converted into a key discipline in the European social and health system of the 21st century. The demographic development suggests that the percentage of the elderly population will increase within the next decades in many European countries. The social and health system needs gerontologists who are particularly experienced in the needs and the special situation of aging people in order to be able to respond to the special needs of the future’s largest population group.

Goals of the Institute

The institute does not only wish to increase peoples’ awareness for the strengths and potentials of aging. Aging also confronts people with limits which are part of human life and need to be respected as such. An aging society must ensure that the particular vulnerability of high age is not concomitant with the devaluation of elderly people and that social and economic participation is possible also in these life situations. The dignity of elderly people needs to be respected - these are the proposed objectives of the Institute.