Psychology and Sports Medicine

Risk Laboratory

Our research is focussing on humans perception, attitude and behavior in a doubtful and hazardous situation.

Nowadays people seem to actively seek those hazards as you can see in the popularity of adrenalin sports. Simultaneously they often have problems to estimate the correct level of risk they are going to assume and to handle with such a doubtful situation, because of the cognitive biases whose devasting results on individuals you can see e.g. in the financial crisis 2008. In our research, we are studying the cognitive and behavioral influences on the perception of hazards and the behavior in those hazardous situations. Based on our findings, we are developing some effective training strategies concerning the decision-making and the behavior in a hazard. 

We are interested in cooperations with corporations and therefore offer research on subjective perception of risk in various different situations (e.g. economy, sports, transport and traffic)

In our studies we are closely cooperating with the risk laboratory of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

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